Executive Partners

Since 1999, the executive partners have analysed more than 2.500 investment projects, 27 investment transactions closed and participated in 6 Funds and 1 Venture Capital Management Company.

BO Venture Capital Management - Abel Conill

Abel Conill
General Partner
20 years of experience in VC&PE Industry

BO Venture Capital Management - Patricia Layola

Patricia Layola
Executive Partner
10 years of experience in VC Industry

Abel has been dealing with the Venture Capital & Private Equity Industry and M&A since 1999, having experience in 6 Funds and 1 Private Equity Management Company.

Previously, he was founder and CEO at Ona Capital Privat SCR and CEO at Fem-Ona Innovació.

Before he worked at Fibanc Mediolanum Banking Group, FERSA Energías Renovables and COPCA (current ACC1Ó). Member of the Board in several companies.

A graduate in Economics by the Universitat de Barcelona and a graduate in Business Sciences by the Universitat de Vic.

Financial specialization in IESE, among others.

Patricia has worked in Venture Capital Industry since 2009, having experience in 3 Funds.

Previously, she worked as an investment analyst at Ona Capital Privat SCR and as investment manager at Fem-Ona Innovació.

Before she worked in financial intermediation, structuring debt transactions with private investors and also, she was business banking officer in several banks.

A graduate in Economics by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, master’s degree in Corporate Finance by the Universitat de Barcelona

Postgraduate study in Banking  Management by the Universitat Pomeu Fabra.

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