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VICTORIA Venture Capital
Venture Capital Fund aimed to invest in spin-offs


Venture capital fund aimed towards covering the financing of the early stages of spin-off*, innovative and technological companies with high growth expectation and international future.

Target size: 5M euros (first closing).

* Spin-off: new companies created at Universities, Research Centers, and Science and Technology Parks, formed by research teams and entrepreneurs who wish to transfer their knowledge through the business practice.

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Target. Spin-off with high technology or scientific project, knowledge and technology transfer, international future and strong management team.

Sectors. Clean technology, industry, information and communications technology and media, new materials, and others …

Stage. Early stages.

Geography. Spain, mainly in Catalonia.

Investment type. Minority shares.

Investment Comittee. Independent sectoral experts.

Portfolio. 10-12 spin-off.

Term. 2014 – 2020.

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